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Monday, January 3, 2011


The SooperDooperLooper is a ride at Hersheypark, and the first looping coaster on the East Coast. It was designed as a terrain coaster by Werner Stengel, and built by Anton Schwarzkopf.

  • Vertical loop
  • 165-foot (50 m) tunnel
  • Double-up

Rider Experience
The train first goes up a hill, makes a small left turn, and then descends and enters a loop. It then makes a sweeping left turn that travels through the middle of the loop and enters a tunnel. The ride concludes with a series of bunny hills and helixes. The trains on the SooperDooperLooper use a single lap bar to hold riders in the seat. This design works because the forces from the loop (and helix) press riders in their seats, and are a common feature with looping coasters. The tunnel that occurs part-way through the ride used to house a mechanical spider prop that would drop down towards the train. The ride opened with three trains. It now currently runs with two.

Additional Information

The ride is often considered a "walk-on" by enthusiasts due to lines normally not exceeding 2-3 minutes. In October, when Hersheypark is decorated in a Halloween theme (Hersheypark in the Dark), the SooperDooperLooper is dubbed the SooperBOOperLooper.

Source: Wikipedia

sooper dooper looper

sooper dooper looper


The first looping roller coaster on the East Coast, this thrilling steel roller coaster really sends riders for a loop!

**HERSHEYPARK suggests that that if you plan on riding rides to please bring into the park only items that can be safely secured in cargo pockets, a waist pack or a zipping jacket pocket. To secure loose articles, a cargo pocket must fasten with a velcro or button flap or a zipper, a waist pack should fasten around the waist and have a zipper closure, and a jacket pocket must have a zipper closure.

Due to the dynamics of some of our rides, loose articles are not permitted on most rides and should be left with non-riders or secured in lockers. Loose or hand-held articles include but are not limited to cameras, cell phones, pagers, purses, stuffed animals, basketballs, prizes, radios, hats, loose fitting jewelry, glasses, backpacks, ect. HERSHEYPARK and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items which include items that fall out of pockets.

Ride Type
  • Adult Rides
  • Coasters
Ride Rating Aggressive Thrill Ride - This is a high-speed experience. Riders will experience many unexpected, rapid changes in speed, direction, and/or elevation and requires rider full body control. This ride is not recommended for guests with physical, cognitive, and/or medical limitations. Park Area Comet Hollow sooper dooper looper

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